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 reversal and a gas problem
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While most things seem to be heading in a "good" direction I have one problem that has not relented one bit. I have gas, gas to a degree that I think sometimes I'm contributing to climate change. Everyday, sometimes early in the morning it will begin but usually it waits until later in the day, sometime around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. From that time on it will be there all evening. I take Welchol and Imodium for a problem that is still with me, good old diarrhea which is not anything like it was when I first came home from the hospital. I use Beano with meals and GasX during the day and night. I do believe I could take a bottle of GasX with no benefit at all. This problem has caused me to give up most social outings with my wife and friends. If I am going to go take care of anything I try to schedule it early in the day as I am a little safer from gas that I can't control. When you have to fart sometimes you just fart. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar problem and what you tried and did that may have lessened it or did it just simply quit as time passed. I can eat or not eat. I pay attention to what I eat but sometimes I just want something so even knowing the results will probably be diarrhea and gas I have it regardless. Had new fresh sweetcorn on the cob last night. Sure paid a quick price for that one but it was so good.

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